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STR8BAT Cricket Bat Sensor

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The str8bat cricket bat sensor is a lightweight, pocket-sized motion sensor that gives you instant, visual and actionable insights into your batting. Get 360-degree 3D replays of your shots, your wagon wheel, bat lift angle, your sweet spot percentage, timing index and much more. Play better with str8bat cricket bat sensor!
  • ultra light in weight and comes with 6 hours of active play time when fully charged
  • watch all your shots in 360 degrees 3D replays
  • get instant and visual feedback on your bat speed, impact speed, sweet spot index and much more
  • In depth analysis of your batting metrics.
  • Wireless data transfer between str8bat sensor and app.
  • Unlimited data storage that can be accessed wherever you want. 
  • Share your batting metrics with your friends and coaches!