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SS Waves English Willow Cricket Bat

SS Waves English Willow Cricket Bat

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When it comes to delivering flexibility, power, and strength, the name of SS Waves English Willow Cricket Bat usually stands at the front. It is made of high-quality grade 2 English willow that delivers outstanding willow performance. The weight of this cricket bat is light so the player can swing it fast and play conventional cricketing shots without any blemish. This bat has a superb spine to deliver more power on shots and the mid-positioned sweet spot is given to ensure great pick up and performance. It comes with a dynamic grip and embossed Sunridges stickers. To prepare this cricket bat, SS has used the traditional method, with willow left overnight after the natural air-dried process to its best result. The durability of this cricket bat is high and provides a great level of moisture control.

  • High-quality English Willow
  • Air-dried naturally
  • Contoured edges & large blade
  • 9-piece Sarawak Cane handle
  • Short handle type.
  • Ideal for Intermediate players
  • Flat toe with a slight curve from the side.
  • Affordable SS Waves English Willow Cricket Bat price
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