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Trainer Armour

Shoe Heel Hole Preventer

Shoe Heel Hole Preventer

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Fix your heel and run in comfort with Heel Hole Preventer!

Fed up with those annoying heel holes ruining your favorite shoes? Trainer Armour has the answer: innovative, wrap-around patches that are both protective and discreet.

Stop Heel Holes in Their Tracks with Trainer Armour

They work like a charm on most types of footwear, from running shoes to boots, keeping your heels looking sharp and feeling comfy.

Kit includes:

  •  Double the defense: Each pack comes with 2 patches to shield both heels.
  •  Clear instructions: Apply your patches with confidence using our simple guide.


Don't wait for holes to appear! Apply Trainer Armour patches to brand new shoes for maximum protection against heel rub. But hey, these patches are repair masters too, effectively fixing small holes before they become a bigger problem. Give your favorite shoes a second chance and keep them looking their best.


Applying Trainer Armour patches is a walk in the park. The clever backing keeps your fingers clean, and the patch's design makes it super easy to position on your heel. Watch the video and see for yourself.


Unlike other flimsy patches, Trainer Armour's generous size wraps around your entire heel, providing wall-to-wall protection from wear and tear.


Finding the right size is a breeze with these universal patches. They work for all shoe sizes, and each pack comes with 2 patches (120 x 50mm). But if you need a custom fit, simply trim them to size.


Don't let their slim profile fool you. These patches are made from a super-durable material that can handle anything you throw at it. They act like a protective shield, reinforcing your heel's soft cushioning and preventing damage from heel rub.


Just because they are tough as nails, it doesn’t mean they are uncomfortable! They are designed to be part of the shoe and change the performance. They are a barrier that fits in with the contour of the shoe and foot, so you don’t even feel them there.

Invest in lasting heel happiness with Trainer Armour patches!

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