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Pitch It Up Cricket Training Machine


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Pitch It Up is an easy-to-use cricket training aid for new and emerging cricket stars of tomorrow.  Able to be used standalone and compatible with a tripod, the Pitch It Up automatic bowling machine offers great variability to accommodate the skill level of every cricketer. 

With the light-weight Pitch It Up balls, you'll be impressed with the height and direction of the ball delivery along with the choice of straight, spin and curve that will help refine your batting, catching, fielding and wicket-keeping skills.

Light-weight and completely portable, Pitch It Up is perfect for the backyard, cricket nets, or anywhere.

Fun with your friends, family, coach, or when mastering skills on your own.

Recommended for enthusiastic cricketers with some batting and catching coordination (8+), this training aid is for those who want to build confidence and take their game to a new level!

The one box contains everything you need:

1 x Pitch It Up Training Machine                   

8 x Pitch It Up light-weight balls                     

2 x Ball Tracks and 1 x Track End

AC Adaptor (Australia & New Zealand compatible, USA Compatible also available)

Screwdriver & Instruction Manual

NOTE:  Tripod Accessory sold separately
            Batteries may be purchased separately


  • Easily Portable – only 1.5kg Pitch It Up is light and easily carried.
  • Both AC electrical power and battery-powered (4 x D-size batteries) means it can be used anywhere
  • Continuous loading and extendable ball tracks enable you to stack up to 17 balls continually for longer practice intervals.
  • Pitch It Up light-weight balls simulate bowling and cricket ball flight while reducing the risk of damage to windows and property.


  • SET UP: Standalone and Tripod
  • POWER SOURCE: AC Adaptor and Batteries (4 x D-size)
  • SPEED: Low (36 - 41 km/hr) and High (38 - 44 km/hr) modes
  • SPIN: Adjust the left & right wheels independently to vary the ball delivery, curve and spin

TRAJECTORY: 4 adjustable positions allow you to determine the distance (4 - 12m) & height (0.5- 2.0m) of ball delivery when used standalone. When mounted on a tripod the height range increases even further enabling you to vary the ball delivery to suit your cricketer’s skill level.