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Pitch It Up Cricket Balls Set (20 balls)


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The Pitch It Up Ball Set are the only balls designed and approved for use with the Pitch It Up Cricket Training Aid. No other automated bowling machine ball spins and curves like this ball!

The design of the ball and direct flight as it launches from the Pitch It Up Cricket Training Aid aims to train the cricketer to improve their vision of the ball when batting, catching and fielding.

The light-weight yellow balls simulate bowling and ball flight while reducing the risk of damage to windows and property.

The ball is the same size as a cricket ball, solid and firm but not hard-coated like a cricket ball. This allows the cricketer to gain confidence as they bat and catch the ball as it launches. It’s great for improving reflexes.

The yellow colour is more easily seen to aid in the development of young cricketers and helps them learn to “see the ball” during projection.  This is really evident when using the spin bowling functionality of the Pitch It Up Cricket Training Aid.  The yellow colour also is much easier to find amongst grass and garden surrounds!

Whilst the Pitch It Up Cricket Training Aid comes with 8 Pitch It Up Balls, some cricketers will prefer to have more balls on-hand during practice.  When paired with an extra Ball Track or two, the Pitch It Up can be transformed to a continuous loading, automated bowling machine of 17 balls capacity.

The box contains:

20 x Pitch It Up light-weight balls in a black mesh carry bag.


Weight: 32 grams each
Diameter: 70mm