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Monzo Exercise / Abs Wheel Roller

Monzo Exercise / Abs Wheel Roller

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Start looking healthy and fit - exercise and workout with this ab roller wheel total body exerciser for 100 percent guaranteed results. Easy to use - simply roll the ab wheel forward and backward. It tones and trims your entire upper body, burns off excess calories and reduces your waistline. You can control the degree of your workout by rolling farther or closer to easily strengthen and stretch your abdominal muscles. It also works on your back, shoulder, waist and arms, strengthens them and gives you the body that you always wanted.

Non-slip, foam-padded handles are easy to grip during exercise. Dual wheels offer more stability, control and balance. Carry it anywhere. Anytime - it is perfectly portable and compact in shape and size. Product features - dual wheel offers more stability, control and balance. Soft padded handles can be gripped easily. Portable and compact in shape, size. Control the degree of workout by rolling closer or farther from your body. Strengthens upper body muscles, trims your waistline, burns excess calories. Total body workout in the comfort of your homes.

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