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Aero P3 Junior Cricket Batting Pads

Aero P3 Junior Cricket Batting Pads

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P3 Leg Protector

For today'sLeg P3 Batting generation of youth cricketers the game has changed dramatically. The speed of this change has substantially increased with the advent of the One Day Game principles being applied to all games played. Newly applied scientific advances to the game at international level, fast adopted by the coaching programmes and academies are promoting better skills into lower age group teams both at club and school level. School coaches are encouraging you to play just like the 'pros'...and some of you do!


A large part of batting is mobility. Running between the wickets and getting into position to play the shot quickly and confidently. Especially for tomorrow's cricketers...youth games now emphasise quick singles to keep the run rate up and rotate the strike. Running the first run hard to put pressure on the deep fielder and improved communications to steal those extra singles. These principles of good batting apply to all levels and varieties of The Game. Before, it was only important for One Day Games or for top players but now...good, fast, confident running between the wickets - applies to every batsman and every innings he or she will play.


Another key element is practice. We now find bowling machines at most clubs and even in some schools. The increase in intensity, length and depth of preparation and increasingly encouraged.


Our P3 Leg Protector has been designed with these challenges in mind. It's the highest quality youth leg protector we can manufacture that will handle ball speeds up to 110km per hour.


The significant benefit you will get when using the P3 leg protector for the first its amazing lack of weight. Our tests show that some young batsmen were running up to 9% faster between the wickets...making them 11/2 metres quicker. You'll run as though you're not wearing pads at all.


The other revolutionary development is our 3 dimensional shaping and elastic straps...which not only create a snug fit without tight, restricting straps, it also allows exceptional freedom of movement.


You can now improve your cricket with better protection without compromise, better comfort, better speed through natural movement, and better durability from tough hard-wearing PE foams. All the key performance features of our P3 leg protector.



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