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Aero P1 Stripper V7 Cricket Thigh Combo

Aero P1 Stripper V7 Cricket Thigh Combo

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Hip to Knee
Small 48 -51cm
Medium 51-56cm
Large 57-61cm
Extra Large 61-65cm

Stripper v7.0 introduces a range of enhanced features that will keep this product at the forefront of the lower body protection market. After considerable research and testing, AERO have developed new foam moulding techniques for the front leg of the P1. AERO have also introduced a new front leg strapping system on the P1 (thicker straps or as shown for the L and XL, two thick straps). These two new features when combined will ensure an even better fit between the front leg thigh pad and the quadriceps muscle. This better fit leads to greater comfort and higher levels of protection. We have also increased the protective area on the front leg by 15% leading to further improved protection.

Strippers protect front and back thighs, hip and (in the P1 model) buttock. They are 3D moulded which means they always stay in place. The waistband has two fitting options that enable great fit. The Stripper's integrated design allows natural movement & mobility. They are easy to use & washable.

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