Yonex Voltric 100 Lin Dan Edition Badminton Racquet

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YONEX Voltric LD100 Badminton Racket (Strung) is equipped with an upgraded Tri-Voltage System and isometric frame. With Tri-Voltage System, the player gets the power of head heavy racket feel (With head heavy frame, more force can be applied on shots). Head heavy frame is suitable for those player who wants more power on shots (with more power, player can easily clear the 3rd line shots and hit the destructive smashes). Further, to improve the racket overall aerodynamic, latest cross section is used at lower part of frame.

This new edition to racket frame helps in better racket swing speed. (So player can get the benefits of powerful smashes and fast racket handling) Yonex Voltric LD100 is medium flex racket designed to give you offensive repulsion. Its frame is made of Graphite and tungsten. Its shaft is made from graphite material. Its color is premium gold.

The racket is strung with 19 to 24 Lbs string tension. Voltric series is head heavy series as per Yonex design. Head heavy series rackets generate tremendous power on smashes as it leads to giving more momentum. Further, to improve the head heavy racket characteristics, Yonex used stiff material at racket head which results in optimized shuttle hold time at string bed. By using stiff material at racket head, now the player will get better power and control on shots. Yonex further improves the racket characteristics by making thin racket frame side.

This improves the racket flex and helps in transferring the more energy into the shuttle. With more energy transfer, badminton player will get maximum power on shots. Overall, the combination of head heavy, stiff racket head top and flexible side offer incredible power, speed, and control to badminton players.

  • Gold, Black

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