Yonex Nanoflare Drive Badminton Racquet

Yonex Nanoflare Drive Badminton Racquet

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The Yonex Nanoflare DRIVE It is the new racket that YONEX has created in the "Nanoflare" range that is characterized by being a flexible racket, with the balance in the handle and weighing only 83 grams, making this racket a great choice for all types of players looking for power and maneuverability.

"RAPID FIRE, ACCELERATE YOUR GAME" it's the new racket slogan.

Racket intended for all types of players looking for a FLEXIBLE racket and with the weight on the handle, getting a very fast, fast racket, with control and in turn power..

The Nanoflare range is the natural substitute of the Nanoray range, it is in an area between super fast speed and exceptional power. Thanks to the latest technologies created by Yonex "Sonic Flare System and Torayaca M40X - new carbon fiber", These rackets are intended for players looking for precision and maneuverability.

It is a very practical and versatile racket, equipped with the latest news from Yonex getting a top quality frame.

The features that stand out in this model are:

The racket head incorporates a new generation of carbon fibers: "Torayca M40X". Developed by the TORAY company, this new carbon fiber becomes more robust over time and allows better torsional resistance to improve sensations during the match. The geometry of the frame is thinner and has been redesigned for a better penetration in the air, which achieves greater speed and stability in the blows.

This racket is manufactured 100% H.M graphite for durability and also incorporates the system Nanocell Neo to obtain greater elasticity to achieve superior power.

Aero Frame geometry increases the speed of the racket thanks to its aerodynamic design. More alive, you will chain the blows without losing precision to have control of the game.

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